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hughesnet-logoHughes Network has been in the business of satellite communications for more than 4 decades and currently has the distinction of being the largest provider of satellite internet in North America. Because millions of Americans live in rural and remote areas where cable and DSL internet service isn’t available, Hughes Network offers satellite internet service in these areas.

HughesNet customers get the same web experience as customers in larger cities and the same prices without the hassle of phone or cable service.

How Does Hughes Net Satellite Internet Work?

HughesNet satellite internet works the same way most satellite internet does; the dish itself sends and receives information through a satellite modem that delivers and retrieves information from your computer. This satellite connection is incredibly fast so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing speed just to have internet access.

Download limits

The satellite plan you choose will determine what limits are placed upon your data usage. The limits range from 10 to 40GB combined anytime and bonus data. The Bonus Bytes are only used between the hours of 2am and 8am local time, all other time your Anytime Data will be used. In the event you exceed your Bonus Bytes, the Anytime Data will be used.

Any Hughes Network customers who exceed the data allowed by their plan will experience a reduced browsing speed until the end of the billing period.
internet speed


In this technical age in which we live, speed is king which is why Hughes Network offers several different plans that offer varying internet speeds. There are four plans available; Connect, Power, Power PRO and Power MAX.

The download speeds range from 5 to 15 Mbps., with upload speeds up to 2 Mbps. These are the minimum and maximum speeds available; however the actual download and upload speeds you experience will be determined by your computer, number of users in your area and other factors including web congestion and the number of web pages running at a time.

Customers who use VPNs may experience a significant reduction in internet speed, up to 75% in some cases.

HughesNet vs. Cable Internet

Customers choose HughesNet because there is no corner of the contiguous United States where they cannot access the internet. Where many cable internet providers have limited access in rural and remote areas, Hughes can provide high speed internet via satellite. Whether you need home web access or internet for your rural business, Hughes lets you connect without cable or phone internet access.


All satellite internet plans from Hughes Network require a commitment of 24 months to take advantage of special pricing and equipment leasing.


Hughes Network has certified installers that will come to your home and install all necessary equipment for you, including the satellite modem, LAN cable, satellite dish, a bonding point and waterproof compression fitting. Once you have chosen your satellite plan and scheduled an appointment, all you have to do is wait for the professional installer and you’ll be browsing the web in no time at all.

Pricing / Leasing

Each of Hughes Network’s satellite internet plans are competitively priced, allowing subscribers to choose the plan that best fit their web browsing needs. All four plans provide Anytime Downloads and Bonus Bytes in equal amounts. The price of the plan depends on the speed and data allowance you want.

The lowest speed and data, the Connect plan is just $39.99 and offers 5GB of data. The Power plan is for users who spend a moderate time online and begins at $49.99. Satellite internet customers who spend a great deal of time online will need the Power PRO plan ($79.99) or Power MAX ($129.99).

All plans require a monthly fee of $9.99 to lease the equipment. Hughes Net also gives subscribers the option of paying a one-time fee of $299.98 to purchase and own the satellite internet equipment.

Service Features

HughesNet offers services that work in conjunction with popular gaming services so users can download and update games, take advantage of streaming video and music services. Unfortunately many of the multi-player first person shooter games are not playable via satellite internet service.

The Power PRO and Power MAX plans can handle 2 or more computers per household.

High speed satellite internet also includes other features such as 5 email accounts with 2GB of storage, protection against span and viruses, tools to create blogs and around the clock tech support.

Coverage Area

Although the urban areas in North America have the largest populations there are many states and provinces that are made up of mostly rural areas. For that reason Hughes Network is available in the Continental United States as well as Puerto Rico, Alaska and Canada.

Help & Support

Hughes Network employs qualified engineers to handle any of your customer service inquiries. The Customer Care center is staffed with highly qualified staff that has been trained to answer your questions about your satellite internet.

The feature many HughesNet customers enjoy is the choice between a live customer care agent over the telephone or chat online. Both support features can answer questions about technical support, general help questions and even to test the speed of your satellite internet. 

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Awesome Internet Service

Mr. Mrs. Terry Kelly

I love Hughes Net . the installer was professional and ontime. The service is awesome. Love the service and wouldn't go back to any other internet provider.

Badgering sales rep

Gena Hatfield

I am in the process of trying to find another internet provider in my area. I called Hughesnet to check out their prices. The rep immediately tried to set me up with an appointment for installation within the next week. When I told him that I was still researching and checking out a few other providers, he started asking what was wrong with the offer he had made me. I reminded him that I was still looking at other companies and needed to finish before I made a decision. I was very agitated with his forcefulness of trying to sell me something. I do not think I will be calling back.


Chantel Johnson

We purchased Hughesnet with a bundle package. We were supposed to get 5g it never went up past 2g but we still paid for the 5g. Never had service anytime but around 4am but we still paid full price. We upgraded so our bill was 102.00 a month still no service called to complain and got the run around... asked if they would please send a tech out to see if there was an issue, we were told we would have to pay for that also... do not buy this service.... after 3 months 24 phone calls and over 1,000. We never will use them again....

Hughes overpriced and useless

Fabrice Mesnage

Hughes net service should not be chosen unless it is the last or only option. The service is extremely poor at beast; extremely slow if at all working making it too expensive for what it offers. The system is too slow to support any good communication over Skype or Vonage phone service. For whatever mystical reason their plan goes from very slow to useless after ten days of a billing cycle. Costumer service is non-existent; long wait for "help" to answer with useless questions like "do you have your modem plugged in". If at all possible do not opt for Hughes Net and stay with slow landline connection which in my case is faster than Hughes net. Warn any of your friend if at all possible to stay away from Hughes net.

Hughes satisfies me and my son

Marjorie Schanz

I looked all around for the right satellite internet company and I settled on Hughes because they accommodate more than one computer. It is important that my son and I are able to access the internet for my work and his school work. Very few companies even connect to more than one computer and the speed offered in too slow to be of any help. With Hughes we are both happy online.

Friendly customer service

Felipe Butler

A few months back I received a double bill from Hughes Network and I called to get it cleared up. I was expecting to get the run around like you get from most companies when it comes to bill discrepancies but that isn’t what I got at all after talking to Phil. He was friendly and professional and immediately corrected the bill. Within just a few hours I noticed the correction online. I will never forget Phil’s helpful attitude and quick fix.

Hughes network does its job…mostly

Frances Patchett

I am disappointed that my high speed satellite internet from Hughes Network isn’t as fast as they proclaimed it to be—by a mile—but I do appreciate that it is significantly faster than any internet I’ve been able to get way out here so far. It could be better but it is the best provider I’ve had yet and I will stay with them until someone can get speeds as fast as they advertise.

Love my data plan with Hughes

Frank Hardy

My neighbors who have satellite internet warned me about the data usage limits so I was prepared for some ridiculously low plans. But I was surprised to find that I could get up to 40GB of data with the biggest plan because I use plenty of megabytes. I wish I could pay less but I’m happy that when combined with the Anytime Data I get enough data that I don’t need to worry about a reduction in my browsing speed.

Average speed internet from Hughes

Maria Kilkenny

I could complain about Hughes Network but I don’t need to. When they told me it was high speed internet I figured they meant “higher” speed than dial up. The fastest plan they offer PowerMAX is pretty fast but should be called “average speed internet” which his fine by me. I can download stuff and Skype and watch videos on YouTube and it gets the job done with minimal frustration so I’ll keep them through my contract.

Installers late & unprepared

Bruce Frazier

You know the old joke about waiting for the cable guy? Well I had to deal with that with the Hughes Network satellite installers. They were supposed to arrive between 10am and 2pm and they showed up at 4:45pm and then asked me for tools they should have! Then grunted at me when I said I didn’t have any tools, before leaving for another hour to get some tools. Glad to see that big bill is going toward quality employees.

Faster service than I expected

Hattie Huggins

When I found out that I could get Hughes Network satellite internet in my home I was excited about having high speed internet for once. The fastest I’d ever used was hotel Wi-Fi but I wasn’t expecting that fast. When they said high speed, they meant high speed. I didn’t think it would be as fast as they advertised but it was faster than I’m used to and so far I’m satisfied.

Hughes network not so bad

Christopher Jones

I know plenty of people have had complaints about Hughes Network but maybe my expectations were so high. I mean if it was possible to get really high speed internet out in the country then I could have a regular provider, right? Well I do live out in the country and Hughes is about the best internet I can get and so far I’ve been pretty satisfied. I’d like to pay less money but I can’t and I enjoy high speed internet so, yeah I’m pretty cool with Hughes Network.

Wretched customer service agent Paula

Patricia Hunter

I called Hughes Network customer service because the installation guys hadn’t arrived and it was 3 hours past the latest time given for their arrival so I called. She told me to just sit and wait, they would arrive “eventually” without any apologies or regret for their tardiness. I was so disgusted that I just hung up and waited 2 days for them to come!

Anytime data is the best

Kelly Clarkson

When I signed up for Hughes Network satellite internet I was really intrigued by the Anytime Data. I am a total night owl and found the Bonus Bytes hours worked perfectly into my schedule. I can be online almost as much as I want between 2am and 8am, which I am, and I don’t have to worry about surfing the web at a snail’s pace.

Not fast enough to be "high speed"

Oliver Pierce

I had very high hopes for my time with Hughes Network but in reality the only thing they delivered on was professional installation. The high speed internet they gave me was faster than dial up BUT I couldn’t simple things one would expect like play games or have a Skype conversation. Now I’m stuck thanks to the two year commitment.

Good bye dial-up, hello Hughes Network

Larry Jackson

I’ve had Hughes Network satellite internet for about six months and I am more than pleased. I’m not sure how fast the speed actually is but I do know that it is tremendously faster than the dial up I’ve had to deal with for the past few years. Before I couldn’t even stream videos online and downloads took forever, but with Hughes I can check my email, download a few new tunes and stream a movie within an hour. , USA 3.1 5.0 16 16 I love Hughes Net . the installer was professional and ontime. The service is awesome. Love the service and wouldn't go back to any other internet provider.