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dish-logoDish Network provides users with high internet speed access regardless of area/location, and if you’re on the lookout for a reliable service that you can use in the most remote of areas – this is your best bet. Not only will you get a speedy connection, but you’ll also save on money as you’re no longer relying on additional cable and phone services.

Dish Satellite Internet Is The Only RELIABLE Solution For Remote Places

The main reason why this is the single most efficient internet for people living in rural areas is because cable/dial up internet is either not available in entirety, or extremely unreliable. You don’t need a phone or a cable service to be able to utilize satellite internet and you’ll always have access to a speedy connection regardless of where you’re located.

Here’s how satellite internet functions: Traditional internet is basically you being connected to a cable or telephone line, hence you end up paying double the cost. Satellites that orbit the earth constantly transmit data back and forth and you’re getting your internet through a satellite dish. This is also why you’re able to connect to the internet regardless of whether you’re at the top of a mountain or somewhere remote in a desert. There are absolutely no restrictions with the technology it offers.


Any Limits They Impose On Your Downloads?

There are usually some download limits they’re going to impose (as is the case with most satellite internet providers), although you’ll always be able to choose and create your own individual plan depending on your needs/preferences. The basic plans offer around 10GB per month and plans can go up to 30GB.

The good news is that you’ll be able to make the choice and you’ll have to take some things in consideration so that you don’t end up lacking. For instance, you should think about the streaming you do, the movies you download, how many emails you receive monthly, how extensively you use the internet, etc. Dish Network has a special page on their website that will let you determine exactly where you fall so you can just start using a package of theirs.

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Let’s Be Honest: Will You Be Getting Constant, Reliable Speeds?

Absolutely. The speeds will always be consistent, no matter where you’re located. There are some varying factors you’ll have to be aware of, because your speed will mostly depend on the location. The usual speeds Dish Network offers range between 5-10 Mbps.


You’ll Probably Ditch Your Cable Network

Dish Network does everything to satisfy its users, and although they provide cable internet (if that’s your preference) they acknowledge that internet usage isn’t the same for everyone. If you’re living in a remote area and fed up of getting slow satellite internet speeds, this is your best bet at getting an internet service that is both speedy as well as reliable.

They always keep on adding new features and improving their plans, so you’ll probably see some improvements the more you use them even though you’ll probably be satisfied with the speeds you’re getting.

It used to be hard for individuals in America to run an online business from those beautiful, remote areas, although satellite internet from Dish Network managed to change all that. You’ll be able to enjoy beautiful scenery and reliable internet access at all times.

The only thing satellite and cable internet have in common is that users are no longer forces to install a phone line. This is the smart phone age where we tend to use mobile phones to do just about everything, thus you’ll be able to pretty much have the same access you would in an urban area without the expense to match.


Have It Installed ANYWHERE Without Lifting A Finger

Dish Network offers some of the best deals that are currently available on the satellite internet market, not excluding discounts and specials which you should look into. There are certain requirements though such as committing to a 24 month plan as well as equipment leasing that you’ll have to take in consideration.

If you want to minimize your overall cost, it’s in your best interest to look into some of their special price plans. And if you need bundle pricing, you should look into getting multiple services.

One of the best things about Dish Network is that no matter how remote the area is, they’ll always have retailers ready to install it and do the hard work for you. They’ll basically ensure all necessary equipment is brought to your doorstep, install it and have it running promptly.


How Much Will It Cost You To Start?

As mentioned, there are different discount pages and specials they’ve made available for users all over the continental US. The basic elite internet package actually costs less than $40 and you’ll be getting 5GB worth of downloads and 5GB upload data. The speeds max out at 5 Mbps. Their most expensive and largest package offers 30GB of data, 15 GB of “anytime” data as well as a 15GB bonus. You’ll be able to double all this for a mere $10.

One thing you’ll have to realize is that you’ll be getting some extremely advanced equipment that is an absolute necessity to facilitate your internet. The leasing fee is fixed at $10/month. You’ll also be able to upgrade your individual plan as well as get a discount on your activation.


Works With Your Current Equipment – No Need To Purchase More

Not only does it work in remote areas, but it is versatile in terms of compatibility. Their internet works with Windows and Mac systems, and it doesn’t matter which package you choose to go for as you’ll only receive a single bill. If you’re used to dial up or cable internet, you’ll find not paying for phone and cable services extremely beneficial.

We noticed that they’ve imposed some restrictions on the bonus data that comes with their packages though. For instance, the time in which you’ll be able to utilize is from 2am to 8am in your local time zone. And if you go over the bonus during this time, keep in mind that your “anytime” data will be used then as well. You aren’t likely to exceed these limits, although if you do you might find surfing/downloading to be slower for the month.


Get It Regardless Of Location – No US State Is Excluded

When you take in consideration all the places you’re able to utilize Dish Network to get reliable internet access, it isn’t actually that expensive. It’s available all over the continental US, and there aren’t many areas without coverage. The only decisive factor in terms of speeds is your exact location.


Round The Clock Support For Users

This company is known for providing extremely good customer service constantly, in addition to a top notch service. If you experience malfunction at any time, you’ll be able to speak to a representative and get it fixed in quickly.

Even if you’re satisfied with the speeds you’re getting but merely want to make a chance regarding your plan, they’ll be there to accommodate you. You aren’t just limited to talking on the phone though; you’ll also be able to talk to representatives live online.

Quick roundup:

  • Speed 7
  • Reliability 6
  • Cost 7

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Inconsistent & Frustrating

Clark McGrew

Works good sometimes but most every night it is slow and unresponsive. Upgraded to the top package with no real improvement. I downloaded a speed app and a data usage app after several months of checking it hasn't hit a download speed above 2.5mbps and most of the time it is < 1 mbps. I have not been close to my usage limits as I can never get enough speed to do anything. Right now I am using the 4G hotspot off my phone to write this review. My recommendation is if your smart phone works at your house get your internet through it.

Buyer Beware

Frederick W.

I tried to cancel their internet service because of its speed. and the woman tried to upsell me telling me that we have 1.5mbps connection and they can upgrade to 7. I tested our connection (earlier) and was clocked at 5.6mbps which means it is already at 7. Don't know what she was trying to do but then after I insisted to cancel the account she put me on hold...and here I sit after 55 minutes!!! Was this instant retaliation? I thought so. Very unprofessional and inconsiderate. Like an earlier post said, they're nice when you sign up but rude when you try to cancel. Buyer beware.

Kathleen Trive

Dish internet is the worst internet you could ever think of purchasing. First of all when you purchase 20gigs a month, they fail to tell you that 10 gig is for 8am to 2am and 10 gig is for 2am to 8am...for most people that is a waste of 10 gig. They also tell you that you can stream x amount of movies for you allotted amount of internet service...this is also a big you can't...all of your internet service is wasted "trying" to cannot stream squat...all of my children's friends now do not want to come to our home as we rare the worst internet home around...DO NOT BE FOOLED and tricked like I was...this is only slightly better than dial up and you will not be able to watch ANYTHING...

Slow internet and very disappointed

Penni Vandecar

I always read reviews before I purchase but for some reason I did not read any reviews before I signed up for Dish Internet service. Wish I had because now I am locked in for 2 years with internet that is too slow and rarely works. Now that I am locked into a contract they really don't care. It is definitely not an option for a family, maybe if you are one person using the internet and only want to check email. Everytime I see their commercial for internet I want to scream. My advice would be to check other options.

Its as slow as dial up.

Brandon Rogers

My family signed up for dish because it seemed like a good deal at the time, but we have all been regretting it and absolutely hate it. Its given us constant problems and we have had to call dish multiple times because of how horrible it is. I know for a fact it's not my computer or router or anything else because I have exhausted literally every other possible problem and it is still unbearably slow. We have the 5mbps package and had the 10mbps(which isnt all that fast to being with)but i get speeds around 500-600kbps and even as low as 90-100kbps. If you are thinking about getting dish net do your research and see for yourself how it really works and how a lot of people are unhappy with it. Were locked in a 2 year contract with this crappy service and may very well have to break our contract because of the internet service, not to mention the problems with the TV service. Overall i DO NOT recommend dish and never will recommend dish to anyone ever.

Watch Out with Dish

James Gunderman

I have had nothing but problems with Dish's so-called customer service. Only to state a few, I was billed different amounts and could not get an answer as to why.
The most unbelievable action was when I discontinued my AutoPay and two months thereafter Dish used my credit card to pay an alleged bill which was not owed. This use was unauthorized and could be alleged fraud. I have done everything possible but Dish refuses to acknowledge there wrongdoing.
This is the case of the "little guy" against the big corporation.
I would not recommend Dish to my worst enemy. If you are thinking about subscribing - BE VERY CAREFUL - because there word is no good!!!

Bonus data makes me happy

Alfonso Moultrie

Looking for a satellite internet provider I found out a lot about the various companies and I finally settled on Dish Network because they have bonus data at weird hours. The off-peak data hours are perfect for me because I work at home and it allows me to get work done when everyone else is asleep without eating into my predetermined data limits. It’s like free data and best of all, most of the world is asleep, at least in my area so the internet runs at warp speed and I get to sleep in after a productive night of work.

I chose my own download limits

Marjorie Burnett

I went into my contract with Dish Network with my eyes wide open. I wasn’t expecting a miracle but I was expecting to get my money’s worth and I did. I probably use the internet more than most people but not a crazy amount so I needed to make sure the offered download limit let me choose mine. Dish Network has several options so I wasn’t forced into a slower speed one week into my billing cycle. With 30gbs per month I have yet to experience the slow down others warned me about.

More data please

Enoch Shannon

Unlike most people I am pretty satisfied with my Dish Network satellite internet. My problem is that I’m greedy about everything. I want an even faster internet and more data, about 100GB would make me happy. I’d be happy to pay it if only DishNet would offer it to me.

Random data slowdowns

Susan Summers

When I signed up for internet satellite through Dish Network I got the 30GB data package because I spend a good deal of time online. So imagine my surprise when after 4 days my internet was going slower than dial up. I called and they told me I had already gone through more than 12 GB in 4 days. It simply was not possible and yet I was told that all I could do was “use less internet” for a few days and hope it speeds up again. What?!?! So frustrating but my speed did increase in a few days, but the customer service rep was ignorant and rude.

Very fast internet from dish network

Blake Lautner

Being the skeptic that I am, I wasn’t quite convinced that satellite internet would be much different than the dial up I have on my farm. Boy was I wrong! Internet with Dish Network is like lightning compared to my last service and I now actually enjoy being online. I can download songs to listen to while I’m out on the farm and movies when I get a rare day to be lazy. Now I’m never bored or frustrated when I get online. Thanks Dish!

Happy with dishnet but…

Stacy Cullen

I have no real complaints about Dish Network satellite internet. The service is fast as advertised, which is all I really care about. I live out in the boonies and I’m grateful to have high speed internet, but for what it costs I just wish I could get a little more speed and data. It runs great but for what you get you should be paying less.

Not so nice after cancelling

Beth Moore

I didn’t have Dish Network long before I cancelled their service and honestly I only cancelled because another satellite internet provider gave me a better price and better data options. But I took my equipment back in person and received a receipt for it all and when I called after receiving a bill six weeks later the customer service woman was RUDE. She wanted to know why I was calling if I cancelled and why I don’t just pay the bill and be done with them! They were great when I signed up but I guess you don’t rate that courtesy if you cancel with them.

Really great installation service

Kobe Weiler

I was always wary of getting satellite internet because I didn’t think I’d be able to get the dish set up on my own. Thanks to Dish Network, I didn’t have to because they have trained professionals who came to my house and put the dish up. Not only that but they also set up the little receiver gadget and they didn’t leave until I was officially hooked up to satellite internet. It was amazing. They were fast, professional and courteous.

Customer service slow but helpful

Matthew Anderson

I was receiving an error message on my computer in regards to my internet service so I called customer service. The woman, Maria, was very helpful…but it took forever to get that help. I was on hold for about 40 minutes and then it took her forever to scroll through the options to find the information that would help. I’m grateful for the help but I wished I could’ve gotten it quicker.

Old equipment, new equipment fee

Matthew Atkinson

I hate being lied to more than anything and when I signed up with Dish Network they charged me an additional $10 for the equipment. The sales rep said it was new equipment and I had no problem with the cost, but when the equipment was installed I noticed there were cartoon stickers on everything. The dish had two stickers on it and a few more had been peeled off. Even the little box that connects the computer and satellite dish were full of stickers. It isn’t a huge deal but I don’t like being lied to, period.

Finally, high speed internet

Billy Murphy

I am so happy that I finally have high speed internet and I have Dish Network to thank for that. I didn’t even know satellite internet existed until I was approached by a Dish Network sales rep and he walked me through everything I wanted to know. All my questions were answered and there were no surprises at all when my bills arrived. Everything was on the up and up, and did I mention I now have high speed internet?

Pretty good service

Adam Frost

I signed up for DishNet satellite internet because there was no DSL offered in my area and I was fed up with the slowness of dial up. I haven’t yet had any problems with my service, even in bad weather, but I do find the service kind of pricey. I called once for a discrepancy in my bill and it was fixed pretty quickly. Nothing to write home about, but I get relatively high speed internet.

Weird fees after cancellation

Neil Lenards

My wife was not pleased with Dish Network and since she spends more time online than I do, I called to cancel. I was told to pay a fee of less than $20 and return the equipment and I’d be done with them. Then about two weeks later I got a bill for nearly $300 and that wasn’t the worst of it. I called an account specialist who told me it doesn’t matter what the bill is for, it must be paid. Totally frustrated I paid the bill just to be done with Dish Network. Forever!

Dish Network does it right!

Jack Frostman

I’ve read some of the complaints other customers have about Dish Network and I just haven’t had any of them. My installation was a straight forward process and the installer was super nice. The speed of the internet was as I expected based on talking to some of my friends and I was not surprised by the price.

I’m just happy that I now have high speed internet and can say “adios” to my dreaded dial up internet. , USA 2.9 5.0 21 21 Works good sometimes but most every night it is slow and unresponsive. Upgraded to the top package with no real improvement. I downloaded a speed app and a data usage app after